Platinum Admissions Counselling Services

Student Profiling

The first step to studying abroad is the selection of country, college, and course. This is achieved through a dedicated and detailed student profiling process. Our counsellors have been specially trained to analyse various aspects of the students' profile and thereby zero in on an option.

Short Listing of Universities

Choosing the right university and country can be quite confusing for any aspiring student. At Manjoorans, we offer a transparent system which will enable you to gain admission to a program of your choice with ease.

Editing Of Documents

Submitting the right documents is the key to successful visa processing. Faulty or incorrect documents are usually the prime factor in visa rejection. The evaluation process is in place to ensure that the profile send is professional and flawless.

Scholarship Assistance

We understand how much a scholarship would ease your financial strain while pursuing a course abroad, beyond the obvious fact that every penny saved can help you and your family in a big way however it would be realistic to state that scholarships are given on the basis of need and academic qualifications by respective universities and institutions which differ from country to country We make sure that consistent update on all information on various scholarship/award opportunities are intimated to candidates. We always keep abreast with all changes in scholarship norms, eligible criteria to help us to guide applicants in the right manner to help them avail these scholarships.

Admission Interview Preparation

Faculty directors are strongly encouraged to interview all applicants. Personal contact is an essential means of gauging an applicant's maturity, judgment, self-discipline, and flexibility, all qualities that could affect how he or she will respond to the experience of living and studying abroad.
Consider the interview your first opportunity to set the tone of the session abroad, including priorities for academics, sight-seeing, weekend travel, and other program-related activities.
We ensure that you are well prepared to handle such interviews by providing exclusive interview training modules.

Visa Interview Preparation

We provide specialised training modules for interviews that may be required by the chosen universities.
When applying for a student visa, it is important to demonstrate an academic plan that you have thought about and can articulate. The visa officer usually gets at this issue by asking you why you chose a particular university and why you chose "X" program at that university. They are not questioning the validity of the University or the program; they are trying to determine how clear you are with your academic plans and goals.

Visa Filling

Submission of the right set of documents is essential for ensuring there is no inadvertent delays or rejection. Our specially trained visa consultants provide comprehensive advice relating to collation of relevant documents that needs to be submitted along with visa application.